Changing your fund choice

Fund choice

Depending on your investment plan, you may link it to a different fund or funds available to that plan or investment.

You may also change the fund, or funds, for your regular payments and leave the units you have already bought in the fund, or funds, they are in.

Important information

  • You will need to complete a Fund Switch form.
  • Exact details of fund switching for your plan or investment are set out in the terms and conditions.
  • Before you make any decisions about fund switching, we strongly suggest you discuss this with your adviser.
  • If the plan or investment is written in trust, we may need each trustee's signature - check the provisions of your trust to see who needs to sign the form.
  • We accept faxed or emailed forms.
  • We'll confirm your new fund choice in writing.
  • We don’t currently make a charge for switching funds. If in future we decide to charge, we’ll tell you. However, switching may result in higher fund charges, depending on the funds you are switching between. If you are switching, you should contact your adviser for the latest fund charges.


Download either an ISA/Investment Account switch form or Bond switch form and send the completed form to us at:

Sterling Centre
PO Box 461,
Bishops Cleeve
GL52 8ZN