Making withdrawals

You can make regular withdrawals or one-off surrenders at any time. If you make withdrawals from your bond or investment account, you need to consider any tax liability you may incur. You should speak to your adviser to find out how a withdrawal or tax may affect your investment.

All we need from you is a completed surrender form, which you can download below.  We only accept completed surrender forms by post.

Please always refer to the Terms and Conditions of your policy as there may be exit penalties for taking one-off withdrawals.

We may need further supporting documents to make a payment such as Trust Forms, Power of Attorney Forms or Identification documents depending on your policy.

We may be able to make a payment direct to your bank account by the Banking Automated Clearing System (BACS). Please let us know your bank sort code and account number on the form. Alternatively, we'll send you a cheque to your address.

We will write to you confirming when the withdrawal has been paid.

Regular Withdrawal Requests

If you want to take regular withdrawals you need to complete a request form for your plan. You can find the form below.

You can set up, change or stop regular withdrawals at any time.

The minimum withdrawal you can take is currently £50 per withdrawal. Youshould bear this in mind when deciding how often to take withdrawals.

The current maximum amount you can set for regular withdrawals is 7.5% of the total fund value of the account each year, unless the account was opened before 6th April 2005, in which case you can withdraw up to 10%. 

Surrender Requests

If you would like to make a full or partial surrender you need to complete the form below. Depending on which surrender method you choose, the tax consequences may be different so we recommend you speak to your adviser before making a decision.

For more information on tax, please read the Sterling Tax Guide.