Monthly payments

You can only make monthly payments to the ISA and the Investment Account. The option is not available on the Investment Bond.


Subject to you not going over your yearly ISA allowance, you will be able to:

  • Continue to make monthly payments.
  • Increase or decrease your monthly payments.
  • Set up a new monthly payment.

You can change your monthly payments at any time subject to the HM Revenue & Customs limits for ISAs. Currently, the minimum increase to your monthly payment amount is £25.

Investment Account

There is no limit on monthly payments to the Investment Account and you can continue to start or stop, increase or decrease your monthly payments.

If you want to set up a new monthly payment, you’ll need to complete a top-up application form and return it to us.

Our contact details are available here

Changing monthly payments

If you want to change an existing monthly payment, you’ll just need to let us know what you want the new amount to be and when you want it to start.

To change the bank account from which you pay the direct debit, we need you to complete a new direct debit mandate. Call us and we'll send you a form to complete.

We'll write and let you know we've made the change.

Important changes to ISAs and Investment Accounts

There are important changes happening to your account. These changes will affect any increases you make to your monthly payments from 6 April 2014.

Stopping monthly payments

You can stop monthly payments at any time.

However, you must leave at least £2,000 invested. If you don’t, the charges will be high in relation to the account value and this could make it difficult for your investment to grow and we may close your ISA or Investment Account.