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Get the latest unit prices and view how your funds are performing.

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Getting Started

  • Have your latest statement to hand.
  • You'll need to know your Fund Manager to search for your funds.
  • Choose the closest Fund Manager name to your fund. For example, if the fund on your statement is Aberdeen Asia Pacific & Japan, the Fund Manager will be Aberdeen Unit Trusts & OEICS.

Now choose from the links below to find the right information for your plan:

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Portfolio Manager

Create, store and monitor portfolios online.

Understanding investment charges

Find out about the charges for your investments. These vary depending on which fund you have chosen.

A simple guide to funds

Find out how investment funds work and the types of investments that make up your fund.

Understanding risk

If you're investing you need to understand about risk. How much risk are you prepared to take? What are the risks and can they be managed?

Who looks after my investment

Understand who looks after your investment and how it's managed.

Looking for advice

If you would like help making decisions, please speak to your financial adviser. Bear in mind, you may have to pay for any work an adviser does for you.


Find a financial adviser

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