Sterling Investment Bond

The Sterling Investment Bond is now closed to new customers. As an existing customer, your account will continue as before.

The Sterling Investment Bond, provided by Zurich Assurance Ltd, enables you to invest in a range of funds with the potential for growth while providing an element of life cover.

Its aims

What this plan is designed to do

  • Increase the value of the money you invest.
  • Allow you to withdraw your money if you choose.
  • Allow you to choose from a range of funds to match your investment objectives and attitude to investment risk.
  • Pay a cash sum when the last life insured dies.
Your commitment

What we ask you to do

  • Seek financial advice. If you don't, your decisions may not be appropriate.
    You should seek financial advice
    - before making any decision to invest
    - regularly while your money is invested
    - before taking any withdrawals
    - when your financial circumstances change.
  • Look to invest for at least five years.
Risk factors

What you need to be aware of

  • The value of your investment bond can go down and you may get back less than you invested.
  • The level of risk and potential investment performance differs depending on the funds you select.
  • How and when you take withdrawals or cash in your investment bond could have significant tax implications. 

Additional reading

The Sterling investment funds guide gives information on the funds available. The guide is intended to be used in your discussions with your adviser to help you understand more about the funds and their risks.

In your terms and conditions, we explain that we can change some minimum and maximum limits and cut off times. You can see our current limits and cut off times in the Investment Bond information sheet.

If you don't already have an adviser, you can find details about how to find one here. You may be charged for any advice you receive.

Have a look to see what funds we make available to investors.

Looking for advice?

Find out more about financial advice and how to find an adviser near you.