Looking for a financial adviser?

Everyone needs good financial advice

  • An adviser is a dedicated professional who aims to provide high-quality financial advice.
  • They can help you decide which product is the most suitable for you. They can look at what you need now and how that may change in the future.
  • With a variety of financial products currently available to you, it's a full-time job keeping up to date. Advisers are trained to do just that.
  • They undergo a thorough training programme and have to pass rigorous professional examinations before being qualified to give advice.


The right advice for you

All advisers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

They must gain a full understanding of your circumstances and needs before helping to choose suitable products.

In addition, when recommending a product all advisers have to provide written 'reasons why' they think it is right for you. Again to make sure you're fully informed before committing yourself to anything.

Find an adviser

To search for an adviser in your area, visit one of the websites below. You may be charged for any advice you receive.

Openwork can advise you on the investment plans from Sterling.
Telephone: 0370 608 2550.

Website: www.openwork.uk.com

Find an IFA close to where you live or work

Website: www.unbiased.co.uk